1. How are the gene trees inferred?
  2. How is the tree visualisation done?
  3. How is SHOOT licensed?
  4. How do we cite SHOOT?
  5. Can I run SHOOT locally on my on databases?
  6. What databases does SHOOT use?
  7. Could my tree need to be manually re-rooted?
  8. Can we put SHOOT as a gene search tool on our genome resource website?
  9. Database details:
  10. Some gene trees in the database have been temporarily inferred using FastTree while waiting for the IQ-TREE trees to finish:
  11. Database Fungi Metazoa Plants UniProt Bacteria & Archaea
    Trees in database 9115 10516 10617 17124 16156
    FastTree used (tree IDs) - 0, 1 0 0 0